The best commercial refrigerators are made with Scarioni.

High quality machines for next level production lines.
Decades-long expertise for tackling even the most ambitious project.
Always at your fingertips technical support for worry-free operations.

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About us

In Scarioni we design, develop and manufacture high quality machinery for the production of the most diverse types of equipment used in the field of commercial, electro-medical and domestic refrigeration.

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Global footprint

We operate in more than thirty countries around the world and thanks to our more-than-40-year-long international experience we guarantee quality, expertise and reliability to our customers.

From large multinational industrial groups to small manufacturing companies operating in niche sectors, Scarioni supplies companies all over the world not only with the highest quality machinery but also with a know-how gained thanks to decades of being one of the key players in its field.

We operate in: Algeria Argentina Bangladesh Brasil Canada Chile China Egypt Finland France Germany Greece India Italy Kazakhstan Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Nigeria Poland Romania Russian Federation Saudi Arabia South Korea Spain Sweden Taiwan Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom USA

Our strengths


Production boost

Thanks to our 70-year-long expertise, we are able to guarantee improved production efficiency aided by a 360-degree technical support during every phase of the project from design to production and installation. We are constantly innovating in order to offer solutions that aim to reduce production costs and maximise production efficiency.



Our attention to customer needs is unique and thanks to our design department, we can guarantee an innovative customisation of requests, a factor that we believe is fundamental in our field. At Scarioni we provide complete technical and management support throughout the entire design process, aimed at providing the best solution for your production needs.

Scarioni can face whatever request you have and make it real.


Made in Italy

Creativity and ingenuity are the fundamental characteristics of our history as a successful Italian company in the world. For over forty years we have played a decisive role in the development of the refrigeration industry in the world.

Scarioni is part of the Lombard industrial fabric, a dynamic and constantly evolving economic context characterised by a high degree of innovation and research, a large manufacturing production and a central position in Europe and Italy.

Lombardy is one of the four engines of the European economy and as such can boast:

  • 2nd largest GDP (400 bln) in European NUTS2 regions

  • 2nd European region for manufacturing production

  • 1st italian region by number of patents

  • 5th largest employment growth rate in Europe

  • 127 bln of export volume

  • 22% of the Italian GDP

  • 800k+ companies

Our clients

Since 1953

Scarioni’s history dates back to shortly after the end of WWII when it started producing components for the refrigeration industry. From a specialised laboratory to a state-of-the-art industry retaining all the experience and the know-how developed during the years Scarioni grew ever stronger and larger shifting its effort to the design snd production of machines and plants for the refrigeration industry.

Creativity and ingenuity are the fundamental characteristics of our history as a successful Italian company in the world. We have play a decisive role in the development of the refrigeration industry for over forty years, constantly innovating in favour of improved productivity while aiming to reduce production costs.

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Milan Italy
Since 1953