About us


Founded in 1953, we are a historic company in the outskirts of Milan, with a strong innovative character we apply to everything we do. Thanks to an international experience of more than forty years, we guarantee quality, expertise, and reliability all over the world.


We design and develop high quality machines to produce the most diverse models of industrial refrigerators. Our attention to customer needs is unique. Thanks to our design department, we can guarantee innovative customization of requests. We have developed our machines in Europe, as well as in Asia, China, Russia, Middle East, North Africa, and America.


For us "history" means experience, know-how and precision. Our machines are manufactured with the utmost attention to the operational, economic, and organizational needs of the customer. Our technicians offer their assistance at 360 degrees from the design, through the construction and assembly, to maintenance.

Scarioni — Milano Italy — Since 1953 —

Scarioni — Milano Italy — Since 1953 —

Scarioni — Milano Italy — Since 1953 —

Scarioni — Milano Italy — Since 1953 —

Scarioni — Milano Italy — Since 1953 —

Scarioni — Milano Italy — Since 1953 —

What we stand for


The commitment to our customer needs and to their cultural differences we met throughout our history as a company. We strongly believe that, in addition to the realization of our product and its added value, it is essential to pay attention to the entire process of communication and customer support. This has allowed us to create strong friendship with our interlocutors.


Creativity and ingenuity are the fundamental characteristics of our history as a successful Italian company in the world. We have decisively participated in the development of the refrigeration industry for over forty years, constantly innovating in favor of improved productivity while aiming to reduce production costs.


The reliability that distinguishes us is a guarantee for the customer's peace of mind. The training and competence of our staff, combined with an efficient company structure, allows us to guarantee the success of all our services and product engineering operations.

Milan Italy
Since 1953