Changing to innovate

Changing to innovate

Italy, as well as the world, is now going through a period of great transformation. At Scarioni we look to the future for the well-being of our team and for the satisfaction of our customers. At Scarioni, we always strive to innovate and improve in everything we do. The company has decided to make a decisive step toward its growth. Through the support of young professionals, we started a process of complete restyling of our corporate website.

What do we communicate?

We wish to tell you about our values and our history. About the skills that have characterised us for decades in the refrigeration industry. Our international experience, which spans more than 30 years: in Asia, in the USA, in Europe and in the Middle East.

Why do we tell you about us?

At Scarioni we believe that reliability is a fundamental attribute to develop a strong and resilient company. Through our communication, we wish to emphasize that the company is ready to face the future together with its present and future customers, with the aim of creating value and common development.

Milan Italy
Since 1953