Extrusion and cutting line for soft PVC gaskets

ScarioTail is a complete line for extrusion and cutting soft PVC gaskets. It is composed of different machines assembled in line. It automatically carries out the drilling, measuring and cutting processes. Furthermore an automatic unloading system stores the finished profiles in a temporary tank. The whole line can be controlled through a fully touch HMI synced with the extruder. The production rate is around 9/12 meters per minute, it depends on the profile itself and the length it needs to be cut at. Only one operator is necessary to run the entire line.

ScarioDrag and ScarioPrecutting

The ScarioDrag is necessary to drag the gaskets out of the cooling tanks with constant speed. The speed is synchronized with the speed of the extruder, and it is possible to adjust the setting from both the panels since the main commands of the extruder are repeated on the ScarioDrag.

At the end of the ScarioDrag is also installed A ScarioPrecutting, a small cutting unit useful in the phase of starting production and checking of the profile.


Is an automatic loading system that takes the gasket out of the ScarioDrag and feeds it to the ScarioDrill drilling unit.


ScarioDrill is a pneumatic drill unit that makes a little hole in the gasket. The position of the hole is adjustable.

ScarioDrag encoder

Is an automatic belt dragging unit which takes the gasket from the drilling unit to the cutting area while measuring it for the cutting, the length is controlled by a CNC system with encoder and brushless motor.

GasKut automatic 45°

GasKut automatic is used to cut the PVC gaskets at a 45° angle. The gasket is cut by two rotating blades positioned at 45°. A motor spindle rotates the two blades (no belts to transmit the rotation as in older systems). The blades move together on a plate raised by a brushless motor (no pneumatic cylinder but direct movement) the whole system is capable of high-speed movement. Finally, the scraps are blown off by an automatic air system.

ScarioUnloader automatic unloading system

ScarioUnloader is an automatic unloading system to unload the cut gasket profiles out of the GasKut cutting machine. The gaskets roll off on a roller conveyor and get automatically blown off into a temporary storage tank.

Milan Italy
Since 1953