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The automatic winding machine is suitable to wrap copper or aluminium tube around the cell and cover it with an adhesive tape.

It is made by three separated units: the decoiler, the tower and the rotating table.
The coil is loaded on the decoiler.

On the rotating table is placed the cell to be wrapped. The table is motorized and the motor is controlled by a CNC axe in order to coordinate the movement with the other components of the machine.
The cell is placed on a male that will expand itself in automatic way before the winding so to adhere perfectly to the cell.

In the middle there is the tower with one arm that move in vertical way. On the first end of the arm there is the feeding group, the straightening system and measuring unit;

On the other side of the arm there are the two wheels, one to pair the tube with the cell, and the other to spread the tape.
Totally the machine has 3 brushless motor, controlled by CNC system for the precision of the movements. Moreover there are two encoder to check the regular execution of the phases and the synchronism of all the motors. All the CNC axes are interpolated to reach the best adherence between tube and cell.

The control system is really simple in the working and programming mode.
It will be possible to program the type of winding to do, with the possibility to indicate the spiral number and the height to reach.
The programs realised can be saved in memory and called every time will be necessary.

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