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Scarioni is surely one of the most important and qualified companies for the production of injection moulds for thermo-plastic material.

The experience and the care are fundamental characteristics to produce moulds, more than 40 years of activity and hundred of moulds produced are the guarantee of our competence; we have been between the first constructors of moulds when the process was almost totally manual, we developed during the years, acquiring quickly all the progress in this field, till arrive today to the computer design and the realization through milling machines at high speed.

Our philosophy is the respect of customer exigencies and of the delivery time. We are used to collaborate strictly with the designer of the pieces, placing at disposal our experience, in order to improve more and more time and quality of the moulding.

The moulds project is done by highly prepared technicians that dispose of all the most up-to-date technologies. All the moulds are designed with computer and realized through programs to the machines-tool. We can count on instruments CAD/CAM as AutoCAD, Pro-engineering, Catia, Visi-Cam e WorkNC.

The milling is done only on CNC machineries, interfaced with technical office.
Our milling machines are Deber and CB Ferrari, work field till 100x2500x1500. Milling machine at high speed until 18000 turns, with automatic tool change.

We have spark wire machines and die sinking models, CDM, Ingersoll and ONA.

For adjustment we trust to high qualified personal. The adjustment is done on one press for moulds testing of 100 tons.

All the moulds are realized using top quality material, the moulding parts are usually realized with tempered steel, all the sliding parts are submitted to thermo treatments. Particular care is taken during the project and realization of mould conditioning and in the choice of type and point of injection, which can be direct or with chamber or warm nozzles. If the piece present particular shapes we can avail of the simulation of computerized casting.

We have realized moulds for every kind of product:
Television, refrigerators and home appliances components, vacuum cleaner, chair, helmets, lamps, satellite parabola, automotive components as air distribution housing, etc.

SCARIONI Srl Via Per Castelletto, 19 - 20080 Albairate (Mi) ITALY
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