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injection moulds

tube straightening machines

serpentine bending machine

condenser and evaporators machine

tube winding machines

refrigerator's door gaskets machines

foaming mask

handling line


Founded on 1953 Scarioni's story run side by side with the developing phase of domestic appliance industries in Italy.

The secret of its growth was in the extraordinary capacities of its founder, Romeo Scarioni, to design and project everything, not only the final products but also all the equipments to realize them.

Romeo Scarioni, born in 1900 from a family of humble origin, show from earliest years, the exceptional capacities that made him at 14 years old to become head department in Alfa Romeo and, in the next years, to found companies as Siltal, one of the first companies of domestic appliances in Italy and then Scarioni s.r.l. to supply components and equipments.

Between the components produced by Scarioni, there were condensers, evaporators, filters, push button switches, locks, gaskets and all the moulded plastic parts.

With the components production start the developing of the machineries to realize them.

During the years, with technologies innovation and the production experience, Scarioni s.r.l. become the point of reference for whoever had intention to start a production, becoming in this way the ideal partner for plants design and realization all over the world.

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