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injection moulds

tube straightening machines

serpentine bending machine

condenser and evaporators machine

tube winding machines

refrigerator's door gaskets machines

foaming mask

handling line


Scarioni s.r.l. design and realize handling plants, important for the movement of heavy products as domestic appliances, between two or more working or assembling stations.

The plants are designed with the customer, created and adapted to the necessary work exigencies and to the available space.

The realization is then done with sections, that are the dimensioned according to dimension and weight to move, and then are assembled together to realize the complete plant.

The sections can be different according to the function they must do.

Can be also realized special sections, equipped to realize special assembling works, and line with enclosed bus duct to move the components in assembling phase connected to power, for example for technical tests.

Further to the mechanical part, is supplied also the electronic control of the movements, that can be automatic, with timer or through the order of the operator. It is possible to have a control of the production times.

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