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Scarioni is particularly specialized in realization of magnetic gaskets production machines.

The direct experience in the production of gaskets enabled our technicians to improve our machines day by day to make them more and more reliable

Scarioni is able to supply the most part of the equipments necessary for gaskets manufacturing and support the customer during the realization of a complete plant.


The automatic extrusion line transform the raw material, the soft PVC in granules, in soft PVC gasket cut at 45 and at the desired length, unloaded on a tray, ready for the next phase, the magnetic insertion.

This line is controlled by only one operator and is composed by one extruder that melt the PVC and thanks to an extruder die create the gasket. Simply changing the extruder die it is possible produce different profiles with the same extrusion line.
The average production is about 12 meters per minute.

The next phase is the cooling bath and then a belt haul-off. This can be equipped of one cutting unit for the control of the profile quality.

One drilling unit do a little hole in a hidden part of the gasket.

The cutting system is with rotant blades and execute two cuts at the same time. After the cut 45 the gaskets are ready for the welding phase. The discards are low.

Through a control panel the operator insert the desired dimensions and control the length with precision.

The unloading unit place in automatic way the cut down sizes on a tray, ready for the next production phase.


The magnetic insertion machine has been designed to cut the magnet in measure with edges 45 and fill in the PVC gaskets.

This machine is very simple; it was created to reduce the operator work and obtain a high production

The unit is complete of decoiler with clutch on which are mounted the magnetic coils.
Pneumatic press for cut at 45.

At the terminal part of the unit the operator will position the soft PVC profile, inserting a little part of the magnet inside. Then with a quick movement he will push the gasket against a micro-switch and so magnet will be shoot inside the gasket.

The operator work through a control panel with program and with a keyboard placed near the working place, with the necessary buttons for the working cycle.

Production capacity: more than 1000 pieces/hour for a range piece of 500 mm.


This machine is surely one of the most technologically advanced today existing. It was designed to weld the soft PVC gaskets cut at 45.
The machine operates on 4 pieces that do two corners welding contemporaneously.

While that loading and unloading of the gaskets are manually executed, all the other works included in welding process are completely automatic. The welding is realized through the heating that melts the profile extremities. The method used is the most suitable for the gasket welding, both for quality and for quantity production that can be obtained.

With the simple replace of the welding mould it is possible weld every type of profile.
The moulds can be changed on the different machines supplied by Scarioni.

To obtain a correct welding, the profile walls are attracted (by suction pressure obtained by suitable vacuum pump) towards the moulds walls that keep the right shape.

Moreover all the operation above described can be executed manually. This is important for machine set-up and test of new profiles.

Working cycle:
The operator inserts manually the piece of gasket cut at 45 in the mould cavity, checking the right position.
a) The operator, pushing the button, select the automatic welding cycle, in order to enable the
B) The operator, pressing the proper push-button, select the automatic welding cycle allowing the heater approaching to the two gaskets, closing of the mould, cooling and reopening of mould.
C) At the end of the cycle the operator extract the welded corners and the machine is ready for a new welding operation.

An exhauster ejects smokes produced during the heating phase.

I fumi prodotti durante la fase di riscaldamento sono espulsi da un aspiratore.
The machine production, with a skill operator, can reach the production of 60 gasket hour

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