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injection moulds

tube straightening machines

serpentine bending machine

condenser and evaporators machine

tube winding machines

refrigerator's door gaskets machines

foaming mask

handling line


Scarioni is a company that proudly keep its characteristic of familiar company, able to realize a technical relation but also a mutual friendly relationship with the customer. In the same time our company is able to renew continuously its facilities with the most up-to-date machines and instruments, showing the capacity to face with the higher professionalism every engagement.

Our production is equally divided between moulds and machinery production.

These are not mass-produced machines but are constructed according to the exigencies of production in order to meet in the best way the customer exigencies, as a skill tailor prepare the dress on the body of his model.

We are situated near Milan, the most industrialized and dynamic area of Europe, but our market is the world. Our machines were installed in Europe but also in Asia, China, Middle East, North Africa that represent our principal market. But we are not absent from Countries as United States, or Mexico and South America where we have realized different plants.

If for machines the field involved is the domestic appliances, for the moulds the field is surely more general, passing from the big to the little domestic appliance, to automotive, domestic, illumination, alimentary, etc.

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